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Electrocution And Burn Injuries Lawyer

Minot North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys at Larson Law Firm can help people who have suffered electrocution or burn injuries.

Committed to Justice and Fair Compensation Fire Accidents Lawyer Serving North Dakota and Minnesota

Burns and electrocution injuries often require extensive and costly medical treatment and lengthy recoveries. Victims of third degree burns due to fire or electrocution can endure months of painful reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. They can also suffer from the psychological fallout involving self image and confidence problems for the rest of their lives.

Larson Law Firm P.C. has spent the last 30 years providing drivers, workers, individuals and families with personal and professional help with their personal injury claims in North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota. We are dedicated to helping those whose bodies and lives have paid the price for the negligence of others, including victims of burn injuries.

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To help burn injury victims recover the resources they will need to cover substantial medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses, burn injury attorney Mark V. Larson has the background and access to resources to make a difference.

Working closely with medical, economic, and life care experts to build a strong, convincing case, our goal is to help reduce the financial toll these serious injuries can take in people’s lives.

If you have lost a family member in a fire or electrocution accident, we can help your family find justice and fair reward in a wrongful death claim.

Help With Many Types of Burn Injuries and Electrocution Accidents

We represent burn injury victims and their families in cases involving:

  • Fiery car accidents
  • Home fires
  • Oil field blowouts
  • Chemical burns
  • Explosions or lightening strikes
  • Heat or smoke inhalation
  • Electrocution on construction sites
  • Faulty wiring in consumer products

If negligence by an employer or third party contractor is involved, we can help uncover safety violations and other matters that caused a fire or electrocution.

Whether a malfunctioning fire alarm, pooled water near appliances or exposed wiring, or arson results in burn injury to you or a loved one, we are ready to help you fight for the compensation you will need and the justice you deserve.

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