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Minot Farm Accident Injury Attorney

Attorneys at Larson Law Firm, P.C. in Minot North Dakota can help victims of farm accidents and injuries.

Larson Law Firm P.C. provides capable, aggressive representation if a farm accident stemming from defective equipment or negligence causing serious injury. We have had significant success in product liability claims against manufacturers of farm machinery.

Mark Larson has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury. Based in Minot, North Dakota, we take on cases throughout North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota. Call us toll free at (866) 309-1777 for a free initial consultation to discuss whether you have a good case.

Farm Accidents

Farming always has been dangerous work. As a native of Hallock, Minnesota, a graduate of the University of North Dakota, and a long time Minot resident, Mark Larson is all too familiar with the disabling injuries that can happen to those who live that life. As a lawyer, he has helped clients and their families recover compensation in a variety of machinery and tractor injury cases:

  • Ground start mishaps
  • Power take off injuries
  • Tractor rollovers
  • Combine and swather accidents
  • Augur, elevator, hay baler or other farm implements
  • Farm accident fatalities

One client was left a paraplegic after he was run over by his own tractor as he was standing by it and reached in to start it. Mr. Larson traced the accident to a poorly designed safety switch that is supposed to prevent ground starts if the tractor is in gear. In recovering damages from John Deere for his client’s disabling injury, Mr. Larson proved that the switch was prone to failure particularly on dewy mornings like the day of the accident.

We press for maximum compensation, especially when loss of limb, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, or nerve damage where the client can never return to farm work.

Equipment defects are the root of most farm accident injury claims. The attorneys at our law firm have prevailed against major manufacturers in a wide variety of product liability cases, both in negotiating fair settlements and at trial.

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